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Lesson Three: Applying the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry

Module Two: The 12 Principles Applied


The following questions are meant to give you an idea of this module's main learning objectives.  If you feel comfortable answering the questions without reviewing your notes, then you are on your way to knowing the content of this module.

  • Why is it difficult to implement change in the chemical industry?  Why doesn’t the chemical industry simply choose a date to go 100% “green?”
  • How were chemicals evaluated by scientists or manufacturers in the past?  How has this changed over the last century?  What do green chemists propose to do differently?
  • How can we use the “Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry” to tell if a product or process is sustainable?  What are some “green” metrics?
  • What are the main parts of a chemical’s life cycle?
  • What are the economic and environmental costs of hazardous waste?  How can hazardous waste be prevented?
  • What do green chemists consider when designing a chemical product to have a benign end-of-life?

Creative Thinking Challenges

  • Consider the product categories below and describe areas that could be improved by applying the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry to redesign the chemical lifecycles:
    • Plastics
    • Cosmetics
    • Household detergents
  • Choose two of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry use them to evaluate a specific process in your field.

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