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Lesson Three: Applying the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Module Four: Real World Solutions

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Can Green Chemistry Get Us Out of Deep Water?

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has stopped, for now, but its effects will be long-lasting.  Advancing Green Chemistry executives muse upon how the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry could have been used for a better clean-up...and how they should be used to decrease the chances of future oil spill disasters.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge

What is the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award?  Who can earn it?  Is financial aid available?  How do you apply for it?  Visit the EPA's site to find out more.

What Can we do with Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is one of the largest waste products created by the chemial industry.  In this module, you learned about the Coates method for using carbon dioxide to build polycarbonates—but it's only one of many methodologies chemists are employing successfully.

Builders Seeing Value of Green Chemistry

Replacing harmful building products with greener ones doesn't always diminish profits. In fact it can increase a company's ability to compete on the building market.

Alternatives to BPA Containers Not Easy for U.S. Foodmakers to Find

Replacing BPA with less harmful materials seems to be a no-brainer.  However, manufacturers of canned goods that use plastic liners are having a difficult time.  Click here to read how tomatoes and non-disclosure agreements are leading to headaches for food makers.