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Lesson Three: Applying the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Module Three: Designing Sustainable Solutions


The following questions are meant to give you an idea of this module's main learning objectives.  If you feel comfortable answering the questions without reviewing your notes, then you are on your way to knowing the content of this module.

  • According to this module’s lecture, what are the four greatest sustainability challenges that the chemical industry faces?  What are the solutions to these challenges?
  • Explain why atom economy is a better variable to use than yield when determining the success of a chemical synthesis.
  • What alternatives do the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry suggestas replacement for conventional organic solvents?
  • Many of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry deal with waste.  What are some approaches to reducing or eliminating waste?
  • Why was a new process for olefin metathesis awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry?  How did it apply the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry?

Creative Thinking Challenge

There are many solutions to problems in traditional chemistry that were not covered in the lecture.  Choose one based on the principles of green chemistry and show how it can be used in something you use every day.

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