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Lesson Seven: Obesogens

Module Two: The Evidence for Obesogens


For more background on the thinking discussed in this module, please read the articles below, and answer the following questions.  Your quiz may cover some of this material.

  1. Read the review article Developmental Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors and the Obesity Epidemic.
    1. How does genistein offer evidence for obesogens? To what study in the lecture is it similar in terms of providing evidence for obesogens?
    2. Summarize the study the investigators used following a protocol with DES.
      1. How does this study provide evidence for obesogens?
      2. What conclusions does the study draw?
  2. Read PPARs and the Complex Journey to Obesity.
    1. What role does leptin play in homeostasis?
    2. How do resistin and adiponectin affect insulin sensitivity? What role do they play in diabetes?
    3. Summarize the role that PPAR gamma plays in type II diabetes.