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Lesson Four: Bookcase of Green Chemistry Problems - Part One


The following questions are meant to give you an idea of this lesson's main learning objectives.  If you feel comfortable answering the questions without reviewing your notes, then you are on your way to knowing the content of this lesson.

  • What are the two limiting paths forward for Green Chemistry?  What are the “pluses” and “minuses” of each path in terms of:  Success of the field?  Acceptance by society as a whole?  A sustainable civilization?
  • What type of content is in each “book” of green chemistry challenges?
  • How is the “green chemistry bookcase” organized?
  • What types of “books” belong on the bottom three shelves of the bookcase?
  • Can you give an example of a challenge that belongs on each of the bottom three shelves, and explain that example in context of the bookcase analogy?

Creative Thinking Challenge

Can you name another specific challenge that would reside on one of the same shelves as those outlined in this lesson?

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