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Lesson Five: Bookcase of Green Chemistry Problems - Part Two


The following questions are meant to give you an idea of this lesson's main learning objectives.  If you feel comfortable answering the questions without reviewing your notes, then you are on your way to knowing the content of this lesson.

  • How do the shelves described in this lesson differ from those discussed in Lesson 4?  What specific parameters set them apart?
  • What types of challenges should be categorized on each of the “design against” shelves?  What are some specific examples of these problems?
  • Why are these challenges more likely to meet resistance than the ones on lower shelves?
  • How can fields like Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) work synergistically with green chemistry in order to promote sustainability?

Creative Thinking Challenges

  1. Imagine a scenario in which you are speaking to someone who does not agree that endocrine disrupting chemicals are a problem that needs to be addressed.  What practical (not moral) types of arguments would you use to convince them that they are wrong?
  2. Choose one problem mentioned in this lesson that is (at least relatively) applicable to your field of study/work.  How could you develop a product or process associated with that problem that is more sustainable?
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