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Lesson Nine: Deeper Insights Into Sustainability Ethics


The following questions are meant to give you an idea of this lesson's main learning objectives.  If you feel comfortable answering the questions without reviewing your notes, then you are on your way to knowing the content of this lesson.

  • According to Hans Jonas, how has the nature of human action changed?  Why has it changed?
  • How does Jonas think that our ethics must change because of technology?  How is technology specifically implicated in his assessment?
  • What evidence exists that we must deal with a new dimension of responsibility?
  • What is Hans Jonas' ethical imperative?
  • How does the field of green chemistry help fulfill this ethical imperative?

Creative Thinking Challenge

Reflect on your own experiences in chemistry or the chemical field.  What new technology have you helped create, or recently studied?  How does this technology affect the current generation?  Future generations?  Can green chemistry be a part of this technology? 

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