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Learning Green Butterfly

It ain't easy being green...

But our online curriculum gives students the tools to build a better world. Terry Collins began teaching the first classes in green chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University in 1992.

Those courses have become the foundation for a series of interactive online courses designed to help undergraduate and graduate students become the scientists and researchers who will literally change the world. Click to learn more about the Learning Green Initiative, and acquire the tools you'll need...



Course One: Introduction to Green Chemistry

The first course in the Green Chemistry series, Introduction to Green Chemistry, is a non-technical program suitable for high school students and advanced lower levels. In nine comprehensive lessons, the course takes students through a suite of interactive modules that include lecture videos, interactive games, homework assignments and quizzes. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of Green Chemistry Essentials, The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, the Adverse Effects of Chemicals, and Sustainability Ethics.

Evan Beach of Yale University and Bruce Blumberg from the University of California at Irvine contributed to this course.


Lesson Summary

# Lesson Name Instructor Modules
 1  The Essentials of Green Chemistry Terry Collins  4
 2  The Definition of Green Chemistry Terry Collins  1
 3  Applying the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry Evan Beach  4
 4  The Bookcase of Green Chemistry Problems - Part One Terry Collins  1
 5  The Bookcase of Green Chemistry Problems - Part Two Terry Collins  1
 6  Adverse Effects of Chemicals on Health and the Environment Terry Collins  1
 7  Obesogens Bruce Blumberg  3
 8  Introduction to Sustainability Ethics Terry Collins  1
 9  Deeper Insights into Sustainability Ethics Terry Collins  1



Click here for the course home page, or review the course syllabus.




Course Two: Foundations of Sustainability Leadership (under development)

This university level course seeks to challenge students with the idea of how to create a world that can sustain both human technological ambition and ecological well being. Taught annually at Carnegie Mellon University by Terry Collins, this online adaptation of his course will prepare graduate and undergraduate students to think responsibly about their impact as chemists and engineers in industry.