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The Green Chemistry Roundtable

Statement of Purpose: The Green Chemistry Roundtable is a forum within the Institute for Green Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University to gather multidisciplinary experts to address specific topics of institutional, legal, regulatory and governance infrastructure necessary to enhance the use of green chemistry practices as mainstream options.

Rules of the Roundtable

Active participation by decision makers

  • All participants are encouraged to present their own ideas from their own experience over their entire career in the issue area. (no designated attendees)
  • Positions and statements made are not for attribution to any person or corporation.
  • Discussion content is to remain within the room, except for summary presentation in formal proceedings.
  • All positions merit respectful attention. Consensus and dissenting opinions are all presented at end of the discussion.

Approach and standard process:

  1. Neutral issue summary presented in advance describing the basic facts, the nature of the controversy and the public policy reasons for convening the roundtable. Statement of the question.
  2. Begin with introductions and explanation of area of expertise and interest in the issue
  3. What do we agree on? One comment per person around the room until all ideas are recorded on the white board (electronically captured)
  4. What do we disagree on- what issues divide consensus?
  5. What can we do to bring resolution to the areas of disagreement?

White papers issued summarizing the proceedings. Participants were charged with carrying actions forward.


About the Organizer

Patricia M. DeMarco Ph. D. (website and cv)

Visiting Researcher and Writer, Carnegie Mellon University, Institute for Green Sciences

Senior Scholar, Chatham University

Dr. DeMarco has been a Rachel Carson scholar since 2005, with service as the Executive Director of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association and as the Director of the Rachel Carson Institute at Chatham University.

She writes and speaks extensively on the environmental ethic of Rachel Carson and her relevance to modern times.

Her current project, a book titled “Pathways to Our Sustainable Future: An Environmental Ethic for the 21st Century,” is funded by the Clyde W. and Ida Mae Worthington Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. It will be published by The University of Pittsburgh Press in 2015.



Roundtable Sessions

4/21/15 - Fuel Cell Energy - A Bridge Technology