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Lesson One: The Essentials of Green Chemistry

Module One: Changing Course


Video Lecture

Grand Challenges

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify the goals of green chemistry.
  • Define sustainability as it relates to Green Chemistry.
  • State the grand challenges that green chemists must face to make the field of chemistry more sustainable.

Green chemistry aims to build the technical dimensions of a sustainable civilization. Building a sustainable world means identifying, understanding and replacing unsustainable products and processes with those that science currently believes are "greener" alternatives.

This first module focuses on the primary goals of green chemistry, the importance of sustainability ethics in education and on green chemistry's most important and pressing technological challenges.

To explore this module's material in depth, view the lecture.

Key Points

  • Sustainability is crucial to a vibrant civilization.
  • It is important, therefore, to identify, understand, and replace unsustainable products and processes.
  • Achieving sustainability first means tackling three interrelated technological challenges.
  • Doing this also requires developing a new kind of ethical awareness in the field of chemistry.